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Free your heart from hatred.
Free your mind from worries.
Some things are better left unspoken.

Entries About Memories Shhh

Dear you,
Wednesday, January 8, 2014 @ 1/08/2014 11:23:00 AM

I am sorry that am not the person u want me to be or that i should be. I've been so horrible to you that i can barely stand myself. You deserve better. I am sorry, so so so sorry, please try to forgive me. I really am going to do better, to have better self-control, to love u more, to be more positive, to be less selfish. Once again pls forgive me for letting u down, treated u so badly and for taking advantage of u.

You have taught me so much in the past year about how to learn, live, love and trust. Yet today i am faced with starting my life over without u.

I don't know what tomorrow or the next day will bring. Am sorry i can't seem to see past my own pain at losing a friend. I'm sorry i've ruined your lives with my deceptions but i have no idea how to fix any of this.

If u ever view this posting pls understand how deeply i regret hurting u. I will always be by your side when you need me my friend. For sure u don't realize this yet.

I'm sorry am not your best friend. 
I'm sorry for what i do. 
I'm sorry for who i am. 
I'm sorry i can't be what u want. 
I'm sorry for what will come. 
I'm sorry am just different than you. 
I'm sorry.
Pls come back